On cam NOW at http://chaturbate.com/itsnikkinicole !

On cam NOW at http://chaturbate.com/itsnikkinicole !

A couple of shots from one of my favourite shows and one of my favourite hairpieces. It lost a lot of it’s volume and is messed up now. RIP :(

I’m not dead…

Hi everyone! Just a little update- I’m not dead! I started a new job this year and so I took a little holiday from camming. Obviously I’m going to be camming less from now on but I should still be getting on Chaturbate every week/fortnight or so!

Thanks for watching everyone,

N xx

On Cam Now!

Hi! I found your pics on other sites (like that training site) and I really like your stuff. A watched your xhamster videos and I have a question. How do you have such a girly voice? It's awesome. I've seen many transgender videos but many had that turn off that they had a really strange voice. What is your secret?

About my voice- I practiced. A lot. I watched a few Youtube tutorials and picked the methods that I was comfortable with and then I just kind of found the voice over time- spending up to 12 hours on cam every week certainly helped. Eventually my voice found more comfortable places to sit. It is still evolving a lot; I’m only just getting used to raising my voice and laughing, and keeping it up in a crowded room or over a night out is still very difficult. I was looking at some of the videos from when I started talking on cam and the difference to now is pretty big- I feel like I have found my voice and that has only come through time. Every male has the potential to find a female voice.

N x

On Cam Now!

Hi everyone! I’ll be on cam from 9.00pm tonight! Catch me and chat with me @ http://chaturbate.com/itsnikkinicole/


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On Cam Now!